Engine is in the car !

old auto engine out (forsale)

daughter cleaning engine bay

had to attached auto engine to somthing :

time to go in :

and shes in :

As i had a Auto subframe , i was able to mount the engine 20mm lower that normal, this should give me plenty of clearance around bonnet , but has made it a little tight around clutch slave and subframe.

started fitting exhaust , then called it a day” alt=”” />[/IMG]

Test Machining of Valve Clearance on Pistons

ok been awhile, sorry about dead images , my google account got disabled so have moved images.

ordered dad a 32mm cutter of fleabay , this was to big to actually fit in is mill , so he modified it , :)

Then he cut a big peice of would at the correct angle for the piston to be mounted to ( to reflect valve angle , yes we think both inlet and exhaust are a little different on angle but not enough to worry)

also we are doing one size cutter for inlet and exhuast valves.

Wood jig at correct angle
close up , see modded cutter

Test cutting went well , valve centres where marked by sending tool down through valve guides on head and marking piston.

now tested on old piston , block and crank need machining now , so new +20 pistons can be fitted ,marked and machined.

Bottom Pulley Keyway

Dad got a spare hour , made a key way for bottom pulley :

1) Milled down to get start of groove square

2) then used mutiple hacksaw blades to form grove

3)Then Used needle files and finished off with a 3/16 square tool steel pressed through

bottom pulley keyway

BMW K1100 Cam Cover mod

ok , next item on list was to cut the end of the cam cover off as this will not fit over cam pulleys , so needs to be cut square so it is flush with back plate ,

mounted square on mill , with cutting blade

Test fitting , just needed another 1m ( or 0.5mm my dad says ) off , ( now done )

another shot