TPS issues now

ok , its seems the 4 pin TPS that comes on these throttle bodies does not have a full sweep
1 sweep is for the first 25% (ish ) the 2nd is the last 75%

now i might have been able to use the 75% , but decided it was simpler to give it back to my dad and get him to fit a 3 pin TPS of a GM

just for kicks he took the old one apart

Old TPS open

then using the spindle from the the vauxhall , and part of the shaft sensor from the BMW bike , he made an adaptor up

new adaptor

Oil Leak and Tuning

Hi , sorry for lack of updates , i did a few runs up and down the local dual carriage way a few weeks ago. Smelt oil and got home to find allot of drips under car , so put car away in garage and ignored it.

Then thought the other day i had forgotten to put a dipstick in ! so its now fitted with on :)
Before taking it out for a run I also connected up the MAP sensor from ECU to ITB’s
I have for now just connected to one TB , so i am getting a bit of pulsing at low revs , so might have to link to all 4 at some point.

I am running MSExtra in ITB mode , so found out this should be connected , which I sort of noticed at my Fuel Map , as it had a major rise., which has not started to smooth out with 30 min for Auto Tuning with the MAP connected.

Still have hesitating on first part of acceleration.

I then also noticed oil leaking from around the oil pressure gauge connection on the block now , so that needs looking at .. so car back in garage for now

Busted Rad and first Drive

ok , things where going well , untill i saw some water spraying up around the radiator ,
closer inspection i found a fan bolt had come loose and worked its way into the rad ! :(

damaged rad

(my dad has since told me that he reminded me to check them before installing the engine )

so i popped a old radiator in for now and finished of wiring , and got it off the ramp ( clutch and gears seem good )


couple of vids , now the tuning starts , and finding out all the niggles

Engine is in the car !

old auto engine out (forsale)

daughter cleaning engine bay

had to attached auto engine to somthing :

time to go in :

and shes in :

As i had a Auto subframe , i was able to mount the engine 20mm lower that normal, this should give me plenty of clearance around bonnet , but has made it a little tight around clutch slave and subframe.

started fitting exhaust , then called it a day” alt=”” />[/IMG]